Boot Camp: Screenwriter's Marketing Package (Additional Fee Required)

Susan Kouguell, Award-winning Screenwriter/Filmmaker/Screenplay Doctor/Professor/Chairperson, Tufts University/Su-City Pictures LLC

Congratulations! You have completed your screenplay (or are close to finishing it). You’re gearing up for the submission process—but wait! Your screenplay may be brilliant, but you still need to know how to get it past the film industry’s gatekeepers. This means preparing a winning query letter, synopsis and one-sheet. In this crucially important session, you will learn the essentials tools for writing a query letter, synopsis, and one-sheet, how to successfully present your screenwriting marketing package, do’s and don’ts to marketing your screenplay and yourself, and how to follow up with the industry pros after submitting your marketing package.
Additional Fee Required. Please see additional options page to add a Boot Camp to your registration.